29 Oct

UAE CV Format: Tips and Advice

Are there many rules regarding a UAE CV format? There are a few pieces of advice that will help you out. They are not really rules, they are just resume nuances that will help your CV appear a little more professional. If you are doing your own CV writing in Dubai, then consider a few of the tips in this article.

Start With Your Personal Details


Put your name in fairly large letters, and then include your contact details below. Do not make your text any smaller than 12pt when you are working with a UAE CV format. You may have been advised not to put your photo at the top of your resume because there are some companies that will not hire people from certain ethno-genetic backgrounds. On the contrary, you should put your picture on your resume for that very reason, otherwise you may get an interview with a company that has no intention of hiring you.

As a side note, people in the UAE have started discriminating against people who “Live” in China because of a few local issues around the Covid outbreak. If you are ethno-genetically Chinese but have not been “Living” in China recently, then make this very clear in your personal details section (highlight your country of residence in bold if you must).

Add a Profile Snapshot

UAE CV Format Infographic

Create a UAE CV format where besides or under your picture is a short snippet about you, your skills, experience, awards, etc. It needs to be between one and two lines, and it is like an opening statement in court. It should contain your strongest argument for why you should get the job. In many cases, this is the only part of your CV that the HR department reads, so make sure it is good if you want them to keep reading your CV.

Your Qualifications or Your Experience

The way you set up your Dubai CV format is going to differ depending upon your circumstances. For example, if you have little experience, but you have a slew of fantastic qualifications, then it may be worth leading with that. On the other hand, if you have lots of brilliant experience, but you are not highly qualified, then lead with your experience.

Again, you have to create your Dubai CV format on the assumption that the person in the HR department is very busy and is looking for a reason to delete your resume and move on to the next one. That is why you have to front-load your CV, make it top-heavy, so that your weakest points are read last.

Style and Text Placement

Make good use of white space when you create your CV format for Dubai and do not dip under the 12pt font size unless you are stating dates or something non-essential. Do not add graphics other than your photo, do not add fancy margins or stylized capital letters at the start of each sentence. Keep it clinical and concise but try not to veer into boring. For example, think of old typewriter text and how difficult it was to read because of how uniform and boring it looked, and then think of old newspapers how they somehow managed to add lots of small text without it looking boring or hard to read.

The Inclusion of Non-Specific Entities

Let’s say you have churned through your CV format in UAE and things are looking a little sparse and empty. In that case, you may like to add things like fellowships, scholarships, assistantships, and memberships. On the other hand, if you are struggling to keep your CV to one or two pages, then leave them out.

Conclusion – Dubai CV format 2021

Take yourself time, do not add too much flourish, keep almost all font text to 12pt or above, and add a profile picture of yourself to your resume. Pick a good picture, and make sure your Facebook picture looks professional too because they will probably check your Facebook profile too. Keep it concise, but do not be afraid to brag.

Q – Should I Include My Old Salary?

A – There is no need to include your salaries unless you are explicitly told to include them. Some people feel that it enhances their worth, but wage negotiations are typically left for the second interview or the end of the first interview.

Q – Do I Need to Highlight My Multi-lingual Skills?

A – People who tell you to really highlight your multilingual skills have no real experience dealing with employers from the UAE. Firstly, employers are not impressed by the fact you know more than one language because most people in that slice of the continent know more than one language. Secondly, your employer doesn’t care unless you are going for a job where you need to know another language other than your native tongue.

Q – Do I Need to Include my Gender?

A – It is only people in the USA who care about which of the 58 genders you decide to be, and they are the only ones who care if you write it down. Unless your job is a very male/female position, such as entry into a male-only boxing club, or becoming a surrogate mother, then your gender doesn’t matter. However, if you want to write Miss/Mr/Mrs/Sir/Dr because that is the way you “Like” to be addressed, then feel free to do so. Adding the descriptor of another gender, such as Two-Spirit, Pangender, etc., will often be considered a typo, or even mistaken as an indicator of qualification (such as MTF or Neutrios).