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Resume Tips 2021

The best tip of all resume tips 2021 is to keep improving your resume. This especially includes analyzing what you did right when you get an interview. Do not learn from your failures in this case because there are many times when failure is not your fault.

For example, it is common for managers to already have a person in mind for a job, but they have to post adverts online to prove they are not discriminating. Learn from your success, and improve your resume based on what worked. Here are a few more resume tips 2021. Also, read our review on 5 the best resume writing services 2021.

First from Resume Tips 2021 – Have A Sidebar On Your Resume


resume tips 2021

A common WordPress theme is to have a sidebar that usually runs down the right of the web page. It is a section of the page that you can see when you use a desktop computer to access a website. It contains the search bar, adverts, etc. Have a sidebar on your resume.

You cannot put any big things in it like your address, qualifications or experience, but you can put things like your goals, your special awards, and the reasons why you will be perfect for the job for which you are applying.

Put Your Address At The Top

The problem with brilliant and inventive resume themes and templates is that they are unintuitive. They do silly things like moving the address to the very top of the page so it runs across the top like what old fax addresses used to. Or, they put it somewhere else on the page. Your future employer expects to see your name and address at the top of the page, not the very tip of the page, and it is usually set to the left, right or center along with your name.

The notion that making an employer search for your name and address forces to them look at the rest of your resume is foolish. It simply forces them to become frustrated and probably move on to somebody else.

If You Can’t Get The Date Right…Then Make It Up

Can you remember the very day you left college or the very day you started High School? Nobody can, so you look up the year and then you check what dates students start in those schools. Lift the date from one of those and try to make sure you do not have big gaps in your education record (unless you took a year off).

Getting the dates correct for your jobs is just as difficult. Luckily, there are government-mandated protocols that you can look up to. Specifically, you can look upon tax records to see when you started paying tax with one company and when you stopped. Again, if you cannot get the dates perfect, then make them up if you cannot find records of them. Even if the interviewer calls your old workplaces, they are not going to quote direct dates, they will quote things like, “Did Daryl work for you between 2005 and 2011?”

Conclusion – Put Yourself In The Employer’s Shoes

If your future employer is asking for a resume (one or two pages – Wiki) over a CV (One or more pages), then convenience is a high priority. Do whatever you can to make your resume as clear, use these resume tips 2021, un-annoying and concise as possible. Remember that getting things 100% accurate is not always needed, and you can patch a few days or weeks of unemployed time with a little date wiggling.

The old excuse that you couldn’t remember the exact date still carries weight. Also, make a point on your resume of mentioning how few sick days you have had over the last few years because sick days are currently the most annoying thing for managers, especially managers who have a small staff.

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