13 Aug

How to Write a Good Resume Header?

A resume header is usually the first thing that a potential employer looks at, sees, and reads when you send in your resume. Perhaps a stunning header will drive people to hire you, perhaps it will set the tone for your resume, but we, at Simplicity Resume, know that it is obvious that a poor-quality resume header will probably spoil your chances to get a job.

Starting Your Header For Resume

Do not write a resume or CV at the top of your resume header because your employer already knows what it is. Start with just your name rather than stating it is a resume, and the font size should be at least 16. Many people will tell you to write the job you are applying for, but there is no need these days because either you mentioned it in your cover letter (email), or you have filled out an application form for a job, and they already know which job you are applying for.

Should I Give My Address?


resume header tip 1

You are probably going to give your address in your application. If you live near the job, then you should include your address in your header or somewhere near the top. However, if you live far away and you are looking to move, then there is no need to put your address at the top. It will only raise more questions than are desirable. You can tell them about how you will be moving to the area if you get the job when you have your interview.

Impact Does Not Mean Bold and Brazen

tip 2

Some people read that their resume needs to have impact and appeal, so they format their resume with big letters, fancy text, and attention-grabbing tactics. But, this isn’t a cereal box you are designing, it is a resume. What it should look like is professional. It should look like an interesting pamphlet on flat tax proposals rather than a leaflet for a theme park. In addition, your resume header format should focus on being clean, professional, and understated.

You Should Include a Picture

tip 3

There are many articles online that claim you shouldn’t put a picture in your resume header, but they do not have your best interests at heart. They know that many employers are going to reject you based on how you look, or worse still, invite you in for an interview with the hopes of dating you if you happen to be particularly hot.

It is true that employers and HR staff will judge you on the way you look, and that their judgment may result in you not getting an interview…but that is not a bad thing. If they are going to judge you on the way you look, then isn’t it better if they do it before your interview rather than during. If your header for resume has a picture, and you still get an interview, then you know that the way you look is either working for you or that it will not be a hindrance.

How to Make Your Header Stand Out?

It doesn’t need to stand out. Your biggest goal is to make sure the header “Doesn’t” put people off. Your goal is to make sure your header isn’t working against you. Make it stand out in an understated way.

Some people add color to the resume header or make their name a certain color, and that is fine, just so long as it is not too bold or garish. Your resume is a very sterile document at the best of times, so it doesn’t take a great deal of effort for your header to stand out. With that in mind, the addition of a bit of color, or the use of another font, should be all you need to make your header stand out.