27 Jul

Is a Resume Writing Service Worth it?

The popularity of resume writing services these days brings up the question, is a resume writing service worth it? Or, are people wasting their money out of some notion that they are saving time? Here are a few musings on the subject.

The Full-Time Career Person

Addressing the question, “Is a resume writing service worth it?” suggests the need to address why somebody would use the service in the first place. After all, if you were using the service to try to convince an employer that your cat is a physiotherapist, then perhaps you are wasting your time or money.

However, let’s say that you are applying for a job. It is a good job that you hope to turn into a career. You do not want to mess it up, so you work hard on your resume, your CV, your cover letter, and so forth. Even if you think you did a good job, wouldn’t you want to see what other people would do in your place? Wouldn’t you be curious as to what the resume writing service would produce? Perhaps yours is great, or perhaps the one you receive from the writing service is far superior? At the very least, it would be worth taking a look at least once.

Is a Resume Writing Service Worth it

A Minimum Wage Job

Now take the opposite side of the coin. Let’s say you are applying for a minimum wage job, you have all your information laid out in your resume, but it doesn’t look very good. In that case, is a resume writing service worth it?

In this case, perhaps a resume writing service is not your best option, but it all depends on circumstance and budget. If the company charges a large amount for resume services, then perhaps give it a miss. If you keep sending out resumes and keep getting rejections, then perhaps trying a resume service would be worth the money.

How Much Do Resume Writers Get Paid

The amount a writer is paid depends on the company. Some resume writing companies are using writing mills, which means the writers are getting paid around $200 per 1000 words.

How much do resume writers get paid in other countries? In Europe, a writer is paid per resume completed, and it usually runs between 100 and 500 Euros. In the USA, people are paid between $20 per 100 words, to $600 per resume.

How Much Does It Cost for a Professional Resume?

The cost of a resume is going to vary between one service to another. There are some that demand hundreds and hundreds for resumes, but they are often built for the sort of silly fool who has more money than brains. They are often re-labeled as consultancies and charge people hundreds per hour.

How much does it cost for a professional resume? In the UK, Europe, the US, Canada, and Australia, prices range from between the US $80 to $500. Again, it all depends on the company you hire, but try to remember that you are providing most of the information. Their job is to turn your information into a winning resume.

Do not pay too much because you are not exactly paying for an autobiography; you are paying somebody to make your resume more appealing and/or make you appear more employable.

In the US, a basic service package will cost around $149. A professional service package runs at an average of $229, and a premium package at about $339. Those are the prices for what are deemed to be good-to-great services.

Conclusion – How Do I Choose a Resume Service?

You start by searching out as many resume writing services as you can. Create a very long list of potential companies. You then start narrowing the list down by firstly looking for negative reviews online. If the company has no reviews online, then perhaps avoid it for a few years to see if it grows.

If a company has many negative reviews, you may also remove it from your shortlist. There are also review websites that specialize in writing services. For example, you can find the Top 5 resume services reviews within the Simplicityresume.com website.

How do I choose a resume service? You then check prices and examine exactly what you are going to get for those prices. The companies that tack on a bunch of nonsense can be discarded, as can the companies that add charges in after the checkout.

For example, you get to the checkout, and they have added charges for supposed taxes, admin fees, and even a plagiarism check. The list that remains should be a fairly short list where you may choose at will which company you want to hire.