23 Sep

How to Write a Resume With No Work Experience

Most people wonder how to write a resume with no work experience because they are under the assumption that no work experience means no chance for a job. Yet, the idea that younger people find it hard to get a job is only true because of the minimum wage making it too expensive for smaller companies to afford younger workers. However, massive companies and corporations often have thousands of minimum wage jobs available, and they are perfect places for younger people to get work experience. The best resume services will tell you that your youth and your inexperience are not a hindrance if you get your resume right.

Highlight The Key Features That Managers Find Most Annoying

Experienced managers and even a minority of intelligent HR department staff will understand what staff do that is most annoying, irritating, and frustrating. Managers and HR staff with high degrees of experience will notice red flags in resumes and will quickly reject people based on them.

Now, it is true that a lack of experience can sometimes result in you being unfairly rejected, but you must understand that your lack of experience is not an irritant, nor is it frustrating.

You need to make it clear within your resume that you possess “None” of the most irritating and frustrating elements that make up a manager’s worst nightmare.

What Do Managers Find Most Frustrating?

Here are a few things that managers find frustrating and following each is a snippet that you can add into your resume to show that you are “Not” going to become an irritant or frustrating.

how to write a resume with no work experience

• Sick Days
– Managers know that staff “Throw a sickie” for the sake of it, and it is very frustrating.
+ Mention in your resume how few days you have had off, such as “During the last 5 years, I have only had one sick day off school.”

• Slow Learners
– Managers want you up and running as quickly as possible.
+ Either mention that you are a fast learner or make it clear that you are slow to pick things up, but highly diligent once fully trained.

• Irresponsible Staff
– From careless damages to stealing from vending machines, managers hate irresponsible youngsters.
+ Try to quote (very briefly) examples or situations where you were responsible and professional.

• Abrasive Staff
– From the gruff staff member who swears too much, to the Karens who demand the music is turned down, abrasive staff are a constant headache.
+ Explain that you are kind, sensible, and cite times when you were cooperative and worked well as a team (especially during a crisis).

• Non-Team Players
– Staff who cause trouble or distractions while in groups are annoying and are typically younger people.
+ Explain that you work well in groups or alone.

So, if you don’t know how to write a resume with no work experience, here are just a few factors you can mention that set you apart from other people who do not have work experience. What about how diligent you are and how you pay attention to detail, or how you like to improve your efficiency on a regular basis, or how you have lots of friends but also know the difference between being friendly at work and getting the work done on time. Mention your punctuality and how you pride yourself on hitting targets. There are plenty of elements to your personality that elevate you above even those who have work experience.

Take a Look at Resumes of Other People of All Ages

A common trick, when learning how to write a resume with no work experience, is to look at other people’s resumes from your college or school and see what they have written. After all, they are in the same situation as you, and they may have juicier ideas. Whereas you should expand this to looking at people’s resumes online and seeing what they have written.

Places like LinkedIn are loaded with resumes you can look at. The goal is to write your own resume, and then go scouting for extra points to add to your resume. Far be it from stealing, you actually find yourself adding characteristics and data that is true about yourself, but you simply didn’t think to add it into your resume.

For example, people find that others have added things like “Good with animals” because they have pets, and “A caring nature” because they babysat for their nieces and nephews. Most people forget to say that they are good team players and can follow orders, even though they have just spent ten years in education where they followed orders every day and played frequently in team sports. So, scope around other people’s resumes to see what sort of things you have missed.

Final Thoughts – How to Write a Resume With No Work Experience

It may seem daunting as you are learning how to write a resume for the first time, and you may struggle with what to put on a resume for the first job, but as this article has proven, there are many things that set you apart from other people and elevate your status beyond mere work experience. You may have to bend the truth a little here and there, but the truth is there are thousands of other people in the same situation as you, so you need not worry too much about the fact that you are temporarily low on work experience.