08 Mar

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job Application

Is it true that a cover letter doesn’t really matter? How to write a cover letter for a job application? In many respects, your cover letter doesn’t really matter. Most employers will skip over it, but there are three other ways it can go. Your cover letter may catch the employer’s eye because it is so good. Your cover letter may scare off the employer if it is of poor quality. Or, your cover letter will be read and make no difference at all. Obviously, you want to make a good impression and avoid making a bad one and, so here is what you should do.

how to write a cover letter for a job application

Start With a Good Resume

How to write a cover letter for a job application and how does your resume have any influence over the effectiveness of your cover letter? Think about it like this. Imagine if somebody expertly wrapped a present for you with gold trimming, fancy flourishes, and details that make the gift look amazing. Then, when you open the present, you are presented with a cheaply Chinese-made pair of socks that were bought from a 99 cents store. Wouldn’t you be less impressed than if somebody had just handed you the socks?

As experts from resume writing services say, the same is true for your resume and your cover letter. If you write something impressive on your cover letter, and then you present a poorly written resume, it is actually more damaging than if your cover letter had been lackluster. Have a professional at Resumable.com write your resume, and then start thinking about improving your cover letter.

Custom Write Your Cover Letter With Sincerity

If you really wanted a job, wouldn’t you automatically write a custom and sincere cover letter? You may be in the habit of spamming the same old cover letter, but employers are used to them, so they have no impact.

There is no need to worry. It is true that employers are used to generic/spammed cover letters, and they will not hurt your chances. But, they will not help your chances either. In fact, a good and sincere cover letter (Wiki)may make the employer a little more invested in your application.

Make It Clear That You Really Want the Job

To start with, too many people neglect to make it clear how much they want the job. Most people add some sort of generic cover letter that has all the impact of a feather hammer.

You need to make it clear that you really want the job, and you need to do it through the language you use. For example, you need to say thanks for the opportunity and write how you are looking forwards to the chance for an interview.

You can explicitly say that you want the job, but it is best to get into the mind of somebody who really wants the job. What would that person say?

Making It Long and Making It Wordy Are Two Different Things

Most online articles are going to tell you to keep your cover letter short, but this is not great advice. There are times when a long cover letter is very important. What you need to understand is the difference between a long cover letter and an overly wordy cover letter.

How to write a cover letter for a job application? For example, if you have spoken to several people in the company, have gone away and earned the correct qualifications, and then come back and now you are ready to work. Then that is a story you need to tell in your cover letter (including the names of the people you spoke to), even if the cover letter is 500 words or more.

However, if you have just written 500 words summing up your life prior to sending your resume, then your cover letter may be too wordy and may need to be cut down to become more concise.

Final Thoughts on How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job Application

Attempts to be original in order to catch your future employer’s eye is not going to work. No matter how original you think your new idea is, there are going to be tens of other people who have thought of it already. At best, you will write something that the employer is sick of reading, and at worst you will make a fool out of yourself. Take the advice written on this article and your cover letter will have far more impact.

FAQ about the Cover Letter for the Job Application

How to write a cover letter for a part time job?

Keep a cover letter brief. Emphasize your flexibility. Carefully proofread it.

How to write a cover letter for a government agency?

The main parts of the cover letter for a government agency: header with contact info and date; introduction – only to the HR; show your experience; write a conclusion with a personalized thank you note.

How to write a kickass cover letter?

Write an individual and short cover letter, describe your best skills and experience, be thankful.