16 Nov

How to Improve Resume Spelling

Getting your resume spelling correct is pretty basic stuff, and yet if you have not learned how to spell correctly, then resume spelling is going to be a problem for you. Luckily, these days, there are plenty of free spelling and grammar checkers you can use, there are search engines, and even your word processor has a spell checker. If you have ever tried to hunt down any sort of TopResume vs ZipJob service, you will know that poor spelling has often deemed a sign of unprofessional and unintelligent design.

Spelling the Word “Resume”

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Let us first address the elephant in the room and ask how the word “Resume” is actually spelled, because resume spelling accents do exist. Resume can be spelled “Résumé” or “Resume,” or “Resumé.”

All three versions are correct, but the simple word “Resume” can also be confused with the word meaning to continue. For example, you may say, “Shall we resume proceedings.”

However, modern technology doesn’t make adding accents very easy, so people typically spell resume without accents.

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Don’t Try to Get it Right the First Time

When you first blow through your resume, typing it up and adding everything you feel you need for your next job, do not worry too much about spelling. Even if your word processor is littered with those little wiggly red lines showing errors, just carry on and complete your resume. Then, when you check your resume and edit it later, that is when you correct your resume spelling.

There are two very good reasons for this. Firstly if you are part-way through creating a brilliant resume, you do not want to be thrown off your stride by constantly going back and correcting your spelling errors.

Secondly, when you proofread your resume for the first time, your spelling errors actually re-focus your attention. We all have the habit of accidentally speed reading or skim-reading things we have already read and/or know. Having to keep stopping and correcting your spelling will stop you from skim reading and will help you edit your resume more thoroughly.

Checking Your Resume Spelling

Start with your word processor. Run through your word processor and do your best to change and correct your resume. Remember that just because something is suggested, it doesn’t mean it is incorrect. You still have to put some thought into your editing when you are using a spelling and grammar checker.

You may then double-check your resume with a few free online spelling and grammar checkers. Perhaps remove your personal home address and email address in case the online company keeps a log of what is ran through their spelling and grammar checker.

Then, put your resume into a text-to-speak program and listen to it being read. You can often find misused words this way. These are words that are spelled correctly, but that mean different things, like accidentally writing “Or” when you meant to write “Our.”

Finally, if there is a word that you simply cannot get, then try the speak-to-text tools on your computer, on the Internet, or on your phone. They allow you to speak a word and see options for how it is spelled.

Finally, after all your checking, go over it again with your own eyes, perhaps a day later. Take this time to not only check your spelling and grammar, but also ask yourself if the piece if formatted and arranged correctly. Is it easy to read? Does it flow well? Is it a little too cramped?

Conclusion – Work to Improve Yourself

Do not beat yourself up if you cannot spell very well. Some people have gotten the spelling of resume wrong on their resume. Nobody is saying you should lower your standards to the point of patting yourself on the back for getting the spelling of resume correct. Simply try to improve yourself to the point where spelling is no longer a big issue for you. It will help your language skills in general.


Will Spelling Really Count Against Me When I Apply for a Job?

Well, it is hardly a good thing, just like turning up to your interview with bad breath is not a good thing. But there may be a bigger reason why you should get your spelling right. Modern companies use ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), and a misspelling may confuse the software and have you rejected without good cause.

Do Hyphenation Errors Count as Spelling Mistakes?

They say that every generation hyphenates its own way. However, there are guideline English rules you can follow so that you get them right 99% of the time. Nevertheless, where hyphenation errors may be embarrassing, they probably won’t preclude you from getting a job.

What if I Am a Bad Speller, Won’t They Realize Eventually Anyway?

Well you can worry about it, or you can fix it. Change and improve yourself so that you fit into this world rather than demanding the world accept you as you are. Imagine if babies were told this from birth – we would all still be riding around in prams and sucking our thumbs.