11 Sep

How to Add resume to LinkedIn

Before you consult the best resume writing services, you should learn how to add resume to LinkedIn. Start by creating your resume, or have a company create it for you. You may then download your resume as a PDF ready for upload.

Most word processing programs allow you to do this, including the free software called LibreOffice. If you are struggling, go to “Print” in the File menu, and click on it. You will notice that one of the options is “Print to PDF” or “Print to Microsoft PDF.” Click on this, specify where it will be saved, and it will appear as a PDF on your computer.

Alternatively, you can use the LinkedIn Resume Builder to create your resume, which is very limited but makes it a little easier to upload your resume at a later date.

How to Add Resume to LinkedIn

how to add resume to LinkedIn infographic

There are a few ways to get your resume up and onto LinkedIn, but you are probably looking for a way to upload it directly to your profile so that other people can see it and download it.

You need to visit the “Upload the Document” function in your profile. It is the same function you use to upload things like examples of your previous work. You may also know it as the “Featured” function on your LinkedIn profile.

• Click the “Me” icon that has your picture/icon next to it.
• Select “View Profile” and then click “Add Featured.”
• You are now in the featured section.
• Click the “+” symbol, known as the “Add” icon.
• A popup appears where you may upload your CV.
• Click “Save” or “Done.”

The other way to how to add resume on LinkedIn is to add your resume to your “Featured” section by navigating to the “Add profile section” drop-down from the “introduction card” on your profile.

How to Add Resume to LinkedIn for Future Job Applications

You can upload your current resume via the LinkedIn “Job Application Settings.” Enter them and click on “Upload” that is underneath the “Resume” section. As you are applying for jobs, you may add your resume. Since you probably have several resumes, you can store up to four on the system.

This means that when you apply for your next job, you can use one of the resumes you have used in the past. Again, there is only space for four, so if you upload another one, then the oldest one will be deleted.

Uploading During the Application Process

Let’s say you have been searching for a job, and you are using the “Easy Apply” functionality. Using the button “Resume (Optional), you may upload your resume. If you are not logged into your LinkedIn profile, then uploading a resume is mandatory.

A common question for how to add a resume to LinkedIn concerns the accepted formats. You need to add a PDF file, as mentioned earlier (you can print to PDF with most word processors). Or you may upload a Microsoft Word document.

You do not need Microsoft Word to upload a Microsoft Word document (typically called a .docx file). In fact, most word processors and even online word processors will allow you to save files as .docx, so all you need to do is save it in that file format and then upload it when you are completing your job application.

Assuming you are logged into your LinkedIn profile when you apply, your uploaded resume will stick around on your profile so that you may use it again in the future. So, the time after when you apply for your next job, you do not need to look up “How do I add my resume to LinkedIn” because your old resume may already be stored online for easy use.

Final Thoughts – Getting it done

Some of the best resume writing services will create a resume that is LinkedIn ready, and may even explain how to add your resume to LinkedIn. But, it is still up to you to actually do the uploading, so take the many snippets of advice on this article and do it yourself. It is not recommended that you allow other people to upload your resume because you would have to give them your password for LinkedIn, which is not a good idea.

If you are still having trouble uploading, then try another web browser, check your Internet connection, and maybe even check your web security. Failing that, get in touch with LinkedIn and find out why you are still unable to upload your resume.