27 Sep

How Long Should a Resume Be?

How long should a resume be? Modern suggestions are that a resume should be one or two pages long. In many instances, a resume and a resume are interchangeable terms. However, there are two distinct entities. One of them is a one/two-page document that quickly shows job seekers’ vital statistics, (e.g. address, education, experience, etc.). The other is a longer document that contains many details and can be as long as the job seeker likes. Most commonly, people refer to the one/two-page document as a resume, and the longer one as a resume.

Some People Say My Resume Should Be One Or Two Pages

how long should a resume be

In most cases, the people saying it, or even the job website saying it, actually mean your resume. What they are asking for is your resume, but they are calling it a resume. As mentioned in the introduction, the terms “CV” and “Resume” are often interchangeable.

If the people/website saying it is actually talking about your resume then the most common reason for people/websites asking for it to be one or two pages is more to do with brevity than function. There is a feeling that modern businesses will not read somebody’s CV or resume if it is longer than two pages. Also, read more about TOP resume writing services.

How Long Should a Resume Be?

In reality, your resume can be as long as a book. You can expand on every single element within your resume if you wish, and you can add images and even media if your resume is hosted on a website. In fact, if you are trying to build a career, then a long and detailed resume may help you get a job over somebody who writes less.

However, if you are just getting a job, and you do not wish to develop it into a career, then a short resume is fine. A short resume is also a very good idea if you are going for a minimum wage job. Always offer a resume (one/two pages) if you are going for a minimum wage job because that is the sort of job where the HR department/manager will skim your application before deciding to call you.

Can’t A Resume Be Long Too?

If a resume can be as long as a book, shouldn’t a resume do the same? There are two reasons why your resume should be a maximum of two pages. The first is because the employer wants a short and concise listing of your talents, qualifications, education, and so forth, which means anything longer will probably be ignored. You also need to ally this tip with a good resume template and layout. After all, there is no point in having a great resume if your text is all squashed together and your paragraphs are too close to each other. Also, read more about the online resume on Wiki.

The second reason why your resume shouldn’t be longer than two pages is that it defeats the object of a resume. A resume is often asked for when applying for minimum wage jobs, or when the application process relies more on interviews and experience. For example, if they are looking for people with a certain qualification, then a quick resume is all they need to confirm which qualifications or what experience you have. If you were to hand them a longer document, it would talk them longer to figure out if you were eligible for the job.

Conclusion: How Long Should a Resume Be – Resumes Are Shorter and CVs Are Longer

How long should a resume be? Think of a resume as a skim-reading tool where the employer quickly skims over your vital statistics before making a move. Think of your resume as a promotional leaflet that explains why you are a great candidate for a certain job. Do not worry too much about your resume underselling you because there is probably a good reason why they only want resumes. For example, they may be checking your qualifications and education so that they may explore your suitability as a candidate during the interview process.