15 Jul

How Long Should a Resume Be?

So, how long should a resume be? Traditional wisdom says that a resume should be one page long, some say two pages, and sometimes a resume can act as cover for a CV, which may be tens of pages, and sometimes a resume is called a CV, in which case the length of the document is anybody’s guess.

In this article, you will discover the many resume sizes and why they exist. Also, we offer you to get acquainted with the top-rated resume services 2020.

What is Traditional Wisdom?

how long should a resume be

Traditionally, a CV is between one and ten pages, and a resume is one or two pages. Traditionally, you use font size 12, with a few sections that have font size 10 such as naming educational institutions, qualifications, and so forth.

Your resume margins should be whatever your word processor sets them out as when you first open your document, unless you are using a resume template, in which case you stick with whatever margins they offer. However, if you are just a few lines over one/two pages and you do not want to cut any other lines, then you could always adjust your margins a little to compensate.

Your font should be a traditional font such as Times New Roman, Ariel, Calibri, and so forth. The job posting or application itself may suggest the best resume size, font size and font type.

How Long Should a Resume Be When Applying for a Career?

If you are creating a resume for a part-time job, or for a minimum wage job, or for a job that you are not looking to take up as a career, then your resume should be a maximum of two pages. This is because your job has a lot of competition from other potential workers and keeping your resume short is probably for the best. Make sure your resume is perfect and your application is filled out in full because a pet peeve of most managers are improperly filled out applications and mistakes on resumes.

How long should a resume be for a professional job posting? If you are looking for a career, then your resumes should go on for as long as it needs to. In this case, you need to look at the application as a whole.

If the application is large and takes a long time to complete, and is full of taxing questions, then your resume should problem be short. It should be short because you are probably going to end up repeating yourself otherwise. However, if the application questions are not very taxing and do not expose the true you, then fill your resume up with everything about you and make it as many pages as it needs to be.

An Online Application Resume

Should a resume be one page even if you are applying online? In short, there are some online applications that do not allow you to add a document containing your resume, they expect you to copy and paste the information into a large blank panel.

The problem is that the panel goes on forever, which begs the question as to how long should a resume be. After all, they have no way of telling if what you entered was one page, two pages, or five pages. Plus, some of them remove your formatting, so things like charts with your grades have to be spaced out. Plus, things like your resume margins will disappear, so you will have to format your resume within the web browser.

There are two answers to this question. The first is to post your resume as it is, which means it will probably be one or two pages. Post it as it is and send it because that is what most other people will have done. The second answer is to look at the application itself. If the application seems a little lacking in questions and lacking in places to enter information about yourself, then you may use the resume section to more fully describe yourself and create more of a CV/sales letter for yourself.

Conclusion – Judge The Length By the Application Itself

You are probably not handing in a single resume (Wiki), you are probably filling out an application and then attaching your resume along with it. In this case, you need to look at the application as a whole to judge how long your resume should be. Plus, as you have learned in this article, the job itself and its career potential should help determine how many pages your resume should contain.