20 Feb

11 Common Interview Questions and Answers

You are smart. The fact you are reading this article means that you are actively trying to practice and rehearse before your interview, and that is exactly what you should be doing. Have you ever worked for a company and one of the managers is completely useless, but you overhear somebody saying, “Yeah, but she interviews well.” What said people mean is that the worker is useless but is so good in interviews that he/she charms his/her way into the job. Practice and rehearse the questions you think you will be asked, and you too will be able to charm your way into a job. Read More

13 Jan

TOP-5 Tips on How to Write Retirement Letter

Writing a retirement letter should be a happy occasion, but the letter itself needs to be formal and business-like. You will first need to check that you are able to retire and make sure there are no extra concerns such as pension reductions, notice periods, and so forth. Since you are writing a formal letter, here are a few important pointers. Read More

08 Oct

How to Write an Optimal Resume: Step-by-Step Guide

An optimal resume is one that you create and then you keep checking and changing it over the years as your career progresses. Not only does this ensure that it remains optimal, but all resumes need updating to account for changes in trends, changes in technology, and changes in your career and education. Here are the steps required so that you may create an optimal resume. Read More

27 Sep

How Long Should a Resume Be?

Modern suggestions are that a resume should be one or two pages long. In many instances, a resume and a resume are interchangeable terms. However, there are two distinct entities. One of them is a one/two-page document that quickly shows job seekers vital statistics, (e.g. address, education, experience, etc.). The other is a longer document that contains many details and can be as long as the job seeker likes. Most commonly, people refer to the one/two-page document as a resume, and the longer one as a resume. Read More

31 Aug

Resume Tips 2019

The best tip of all resume tips 2019 is to keep improving your resume. This especially includes analyzing what you did right when you get an interview. Do not learn from your failures in this case because there are many times when failure is not your fault. For example, it is common for managers to already have a person in mind for a job, but they have to post adverts online to prove they are not discriminating. Learn from your success, and improve your resume based on what worked. Here are a few more resume tips that worked in the year 2019. Also, read our review on 5 the best resume writing services 2019. Read More