23 Sep

How to Write a Resume With No Work Experience

Most people wonder how to write a resume with no work experience because they are under the assumption that no work experience means no chance for a job. Yet, the idea that younger people find it hard to get a job is only true because of the minimum wage making it too expensive for smaller companies to afford younger workers. However, massive companies and corporations often have thousands of minimum wage jobs available, and they are perfect places for younger people to get work experience. The best resume services will tell you that your youth and your inexperience are not a hindrance if you get your resume right. Read More

11 Sep

How to Add resume to LinkedIn

Before you consult the best resume writing services, you should learn how to add resume to LinkedIn. Start by creating your resume, or have a company create it for you. You may then download your resume as a PDF ready for upload.

Most word processing programs allow you to do this, including the free software called LibreOffice. If you are struggling, go to “Print” in the File menu, and click on it. You will notice that one of the options is “Print to PDF” or “Print to Microsoft PDF.” Click on this, specify where it will be saved, and it will appear as a PDF on your computer. Read More

15 Jul

How Long Should a Resume Be?

So, how long should a resume be? Traditional wisdom says that a resume should be one page long, some say two pages, and sometimes a resume can act as cover for a CV, which may be tens of pages, and sometimes a resume is called a CV, in which case the length of the document is anybody’s guess. Read More

08 Mar

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job Application

Is it true that a cover letter doesn’t really matter? How to write a cover letter for a job application? In many respects, your cover letter doesn’t really matter. Most employers will skip over it, but there are three other ways it can go. Your cover letter may catch the employer’s eye because it is so good. Your cover letter may scare off the employer if it is of poor quality. Or, your cover letter will be read and make no difference at all. Obviously, you want to make a good impression and avoid making a bad one and, so here is what you should do. Read More

20 Feb

11 Common Interview Questions and Answers

You are smart. The fact you are reading this article means that you are actively trying to practice and rehearse before your interview, know all popular interview questions and answers, and that is exactly what you should be doing. Have you ever worked for a company and one of the managers is completely useless, but you overhear somebody saying, “Yeah, but she interviews well.” What said people mean is that the worker is useless but is so good in interviews that he/she charms his/her way into the job. Practice and rehearse the questions you think you will be asked, and you too will be able to charm your way into a job. Read More

14 Feb

Resume Tips 2020

The best tip of all resume tips 2020 is to keep improving your resume. This especially includes analyzing what you did right when you get an interview. Do not learn from your failures in this case because there are many times when failure is not your fault. For example, it is common for managers to already have a person in mind for a job, but they have to post adverts online to prove they are not discriminating. Learn from your success, and improve your resume based on what worked. Here are a few more resume tips 2020. Also, read our review on 5 the best resume writing services 2020. Read More

13 Jan

TOP-5 Tips on How to Write a Retirement Letter

How to write a retirement letter – it should be a happy occasion, but the letter itself needs to be formal and business-like. You will first need to check that you are able to retire and make sure there are no extra concerns such as pension reductions, notice periods, and so forth. Since you are writing a formal letter, here are a few important pointers. Read More