Canada Resume Format: Tips and FAQ

Is there a perfect Canada resume format? Probably not, but there is a preferred Canada resume format that you should probably consider if you are applying for a job in an Anglo-Saxon country (i.e. a developed country where the English language is commonplace). Here are a few tips on the subject from the best resume writing services Canada has to offer.

Start Your Resume Format Canada With Your Name and Address

Put this information near the top left or right. This is also where you should put your profile picture if you have one. Add your address and name in a clear font that is not too small (at least size 12). Do not use overly fancy text within your resume. Keeping it simple is often the best course of action.

A Professional Career Summary

Some countries like to see the objectives section near the top. It often has three bullet points detailing what you want to do with your life (obviously focusing the most on your career). The type of resume format Canada often prefers has a professional/career summary in place of an objectives section. This is a short section where you note your top achievements, the bulk of your experience, and maybe your goals too.

Your Work Experience

If you come from a place like the UK or Australia, you often see the qualifications section before the work experience section. However, in Canada, you may do better if you put your work experience first. It is often taken as a given that you are applying for a job for which you are qualified. In other words, when you apply to be something like a surgeon, they “Expect” that you have the qualifications to do the job, ergo your work experience is more important and should come first.

Your Qualifications and Professional Development

The best resume writing services Canada has to offer will also encourage you to note any professional development. This may include in-house training and certificates but may also include your skills and proficiencies. For example, if you learned how to operate a certain piece of machinery in your last job, then that too should be highlighted in this section of your resume.

Do Include a Small Profile Picture

Old fashioned advisers say it is wrong to put your picture onto your resume. They say that your appearance may factor you out of a job. However, if the employers are discriminating based on looks, then it is best to get that little problem out of the way before you waste your time with an interview. Plus, most HR have due diligence protocols where they will check your Facebook profile before calling you for an interview, so do not be shy about putting a profile picture into your resumes somewhere.

Resume format Canada 2021 Conclusion

Keeping things brief is important, but it depends upon the type of job you are going for, and the circumstances of your previous work and qualifications. For example, if your last job included working with 120 pieces of machinery, and your next job will include working with said machinery, then listing them on a separate page may be undesirable, but still worth doing if it gets you the job. As mentioned, it is all about context and suitability. You are the best judge as to if you should break normal conventions and have more than one page for your resume.

FAQ Section

Experience isn’t the best teacher when it comes to writing your Canada resume because you rarely get feedback from the jobs you applied for. As a result, many people have questions that go unanswered. So, here are the three most common Canada resume questions.

Should I lower my font size to fit all my information on my resume?

No, you certainly should not. People will not read your resume if the font is below 12pt. They may read table headers or things of that nature, but they will certainly not read full sentences; why do you think credit card companies bury their terms and conditions in small print? Instead, consider running over into a second page. Or try cutting out the things that are not relevant for the job you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a bank administration job, do you have to mention your experience babysitting when you were 15 years old?

What Does it Mean to Have a Striking Resume?

Other online articles tell you that need a striking or eye-catching resume to catch the attention of the HR department. This is 100% not true. The head of Disney didn’t get there by adding orange borders to his resume. In reality, a professional-looking resume is all you need. It is the absence of an amateurish look that matters. A regular-looking, plain resume is far better than one that looks poorly done, or one that looks like it was written and designed by an amateur.

Should My Resume be in Chronologically Order?

If your best work was your most recent, then your resume should certainly be in chronological order. If your most recent qualifications, experience, and achievements were recent, then chronological order is your best bet. However, if you just spent 20 years managing a blue-chip company, but over the summer you took a pool guard job, then perhaps chronological order should be avoided in place of highlighting your best work, achievements, and qualifications.

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