About US

We at Simplicity Resume have long striven to bring you the very best resume writing services. We started with a small crew of just seven people, most of whom were fresh from college, and we created a system whereby we could test resume services without relying on advertising payments or sponsorship. Thanks to our exclusive and independent methods of funding, we are able to remain completely independent and impartial when we review different resume writing services.

A Long Established Company

about simplicityresume

Many reviews companies do not last long, especially affiliate driven ones such as Amazon review websites, but we have been operating since 2001, which makes our company the oldest resume reviewing company in the UK, USA, and Canada.

We endeavor to write high-quality guides, tips, and reviews for our readers. We do this by testing each resume writing service and conferring within our highly qualified team to ensure we are as balanced as possible.

SimplicityResume is one of the most trusted career companies. We write honest reviews on resume and CV writing services, and on career growing companies. We test resume writing services from the UK, Canada, and the USA.

Independently Funded For Honest Advice

Our team works hard to ensure it is as fair as possible, which means we often try to find the good in even the most unprofessional companies. Our job is not to force an opinion but to instead give you the benefit of our experience. We test each resume writing service, and then we convey our experiences and thoughts to you so that you may make your own mind up.

Our goal is to save you the aggravation of picking a poor-quality resume writing service. It doesn’t seem like a world-beating goal, but it takes a staff of at least 20 full-time workers to engage with resume writing services, test them, compile research, analyze, and bring that information to you. Part of our team also works on technical website issues and online marketing.

Keeping Things Simple

Besides our brand promise of honest and balanced advice, reviews, and guides, we also try to keep things as simple as possible. We do all the hard work, we do all the analysis and evaluation so that you do not have to. We do not bore people with our statistics. We simply explain what we found and why it matters. It is our hope that we may one day become the go-to website when people are looking for resume writing services.

If you have any questions or concerns, then contact our customer service department by email at info@simplicityresume.com