20 Feb

11 Common Interview Questions and Answers

You are smart. The fact you are reading this article means that you are actively trying to practice and rehearse before your interview, know all popular interview questions and answers, and that is exactly what you should be doing. Have you ever worked for a company and one of the managers is completely useless, but you overhear somebody saying, “Yeah, but she interviews well.” What said people mean is that the worker is useless but is so good in interviews that he/she charms his/her way into the job. Practice and rehearse the questions you think you will be asked, and you too will be able to charm your way into a job.

Interview Questions and Answers

1 – What Do You Know About This Company/ Why Do You Want to Work for This Company?

Many people fall at this first hurdle. You need to appear like you really want the job, so do your research about interview questions and answers and what resume writing service is better for you. After all, people who really want the job would already know how to answer this question.

2 – What Do You Know About the Job in Hand

They want you to list your duties, to show you understand them, and maybe even comment on the experience you have had. Do you have experience dealing with their tools, systems, software or target consumer?

3 – Why Do You Want This Job

You must appear enthusiastic at this point, and you need to come up with some good reason as to why you want this job. A short and/or thoughtless answer will tell the employer that you are not really invested in getting this job.

4 – How Much Notice Must You Give Before You Start This Job?

Here is another big hurdle that many fail to jump. The employer doesn’t care that much about your notice period unless the job opening is urgent. What your boss wants to know is: “Are you the sort of joker who leaves jobs on a whim without giving notice.”

You need to be very careful as to how you answer this job. Try a line such as, “My old boss said he wants four weeks’ notice, but he said he can let me go earlier if I need to.” This sort of answer makes you look reliable and makes you seem like you are a friendly person who has a good relationship with his or her old boss.

5 – Why Did You Lose Your Last Job/why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?

This is not as make-or-break as it seems, but you need to choose your reason carefully. Is it because your old position has no room for career advancement? Or maybe they are cutting back on staff hours, or maybe the business is going under? You can give a short answer, just make sure it is well-thought-out, clever, and believable.

6 – What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Do not lie. This is one of those times when any form of boastful dishonesty will cause you to lose all credibility. Do not say your biggest weakness is that you are a perfectionist or workaholic because people haven’t believed those sorts of lines since the 80s. Tell the truth, such as if you are a bit timid and sometimes having trouble speaking up.

7 – Have You Done This Type of Work Before?

They are asking about your experience. Even if you have limited experience, you need to demonstrate what your experience is, and you need to show some knowledge about the job, its tasks and its duties (even if your actual experience is limited).

8 – Interview Questions and Answers:

Show Us What You Got/ Sell Me This Pen/ What is SEO?

It is time to show off your expertise. Imagine them asking you this question and rehearse what you are going to say. The old “Sell me this” routine is often used in sales interviews. On the other hand, if you are interviewing to be digital marketing, then they may want a full rundown about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so make sure you rehearse your speech.

9 – Interview Questions and Answers:

Where Do You Expect to Be in 5 Years?/ What Are Your Future Plans?

In short, they are asking if you intend to stay with their company or move on in a while. Ideally, you will have some sort of future plans, and hopefully, your plans will fit in with the job you are trying to get. Showing that you have given this question some prior thought will make you look good.

10 – Interview Questions and Answers: Do You Know Anything About X Task?

You have to think about the employer’s motivation at this point, and his/her motivation is probably that there is a very nasty element to your job. There is probably a horrible daily task that you have to do, and it is probably the reason why most of the staff quit. This type of question is going to sneak its way around in many different guises, and it is your job to show that you are aware of the nasty task, you are ready for it, and you can handle it.

  • For example, they may ask
    How would you deal with grumpy co-workers? (translation, your manager shouts a lot)
  • Do you know much about laminating? (it stinks and makes you stink, do you know this?)
  • Have you worked in a complaints line before? (you need to show you can be professional even when getting yelled at all day)

11 – Interview Questions and Answers:

Do You Have Any Questions for Us?

This seemingly innocent question can make or break your interview (Wiki). You NEED to ask some very pertinent and well-thought-out questions. The questions you ask will matter.

Ask about holiday pay and sick pay, and you will not get the job. Ask questions about how you will do a job, such as which tools you are allowed to use, and you will get the job. If you are very invested in getting the job, then you probably already have a few questions you could ask without having to think about it.

FAQ about Job Interview Questions and Answers

How to pass a job interview questions?

Do research about the company, prepare the answers for the common interview questions, tell about your strong and weak sides.

How to answer interview questions with no job experience?

Just tell the truth and make sure that you are very interested in working in this particular company.

How to answer nursing job interview questions?

With patience, humor, and attention to the details.